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Prioritization for the rest of us

96% of all product managers work for tech companies with more than 500 employees. Those highly paid people create custom product management infrastructure that gives them a massive, unfair advantage. It’s a key reason that the largest tech companies have been able to expand into multiple revenue streams.

Yet, 97% of software companies have less than 500 employees. These under resourced teams can’t afford to create custom infrastructure. Instead they burn precious attention navigating disconnected spreadsheets, surveys, post-it notes, emails, and Slack messages.

Upfocus is on a mission to level the playing field. We’re taking the proven methods from Big Tech and packaging them into ready-to-use product market fit engine. We believe the proven methods combine into a single model—a product management Theory of Everything.

We also believe that if we can put this model into the hands of startups everywhere, then together we could move the lack of product market fit from the top reason that startups fail to the bottom.

We can't get there alone. Will you join us?

Image of Justin Kistner
Justin Kistner, Founder of Upfocus