Prioritization for the rest of us

Product management is still pretty new. Large SaaS companies have the advantage because they can hire skilled product craftspeople. Those craftspeople manage the product through manual effort and bespoke processes.

We're on a mission to make quality product management available to all SaaS companies. We believe a key missing ingredient is systematic prioritization. If we can help improve the rate at which SaaS companies make good decisions about what to build next, then we can improve their chances for success.

Upfocus is self-funded and remote first located in the Pacific Nortwest.

  • Justin Kistner

    Justin Kistner


    Justin Kistner empathizes with product managers having held roles from a junior PM to the VP of Product. He has developed patented solutions. He has launched failed products. He has also twice served on the executive team for companies that were acquired. It's been a full experience ride.

    If you aren't careful, he'll talk your ear off about his vegetable garden. Justin is also passionate about grilling. He's a big fan of Oregon Ducks football. And, likes to play the drums when he can.

    Justin lives in Seattle, WA with his wife and son.

  • Daniel Bachhuber

    Daniel Bachhuber


    As a seasoned software engineer, Daniel Bachhuber has been on the receiving end of product requests that have spanned from head-scratching to genius. You might’ve seen his name associated with WP-CLI, the WordPress REST API, Gutenberg, or Edit Flow.

    Outside of work, Daniel is the one SaaS founder in the local Chamber of Commerce. He's also really into how we can make cities better. Ask about his shedquarters the next time you chat.

    Based in Oregon, he enjoys traveling with his wife and kids, running, hiking, and skiing.