Customer Feedback CRM

Turn customer feedback into something actionable by product

You can see a customer's support history in your help desk software. Sales history? Pull that up in your CRM. But, what about product feedback? With Upfocus you can look up any customer and see all of their product feedback.

Automatically sync customers

Connect directly with our APIs and webhooks, or use our Zapier app to keep customer records current in Upfocus.
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Capture everyone’s inbound feedback

Anyone can make a suggestion. Qualified team members organize it. All of it is available in one place.

Group related feedback

Use our tagging workflow to distill feedback into themes that are easier for everyone to understand.


Automatically pull feedback in from your help desk or other sources.
Public Suggestion Board

Let customers post feedback themselves (no login required).

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Product Market Fit Survey

Measure product satisfaction

Learn how satisfied your customers are with your product. Get actionable insights about will improve your product market fit. Then, spend your time solving customer problems, not building surveys and spreadsheets.

“App analytics helps us understand what customers are doing in Xano, Upfocus helps us understand WHY they're doing it.”

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Prakash Chandra, Co-Founder of
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Dev Idea Workflow

Build your best ideas

Before you commit to designing high fidelity mock ups and technical specifications, you need to decide if an idea is worth it. Upfocus provides a scalable method for making a one sheet business case. Attach feedback in a few clicks. Discuss if they need more work, are ready to build, or if they should be parked. Then, keep track to let everyone else know where the idea is at.

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Upfocus integrates with the rest of your stack
Connect Upfocus to hundreds of other apps including CRMs, customer support apps, and more. See our API docs →

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