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Score your product market fit, then grow it

Upfocus automates your product market fit workflow

Product market fit doesn't have to be elusive

Companies with product market fit are like magnets for customers, press, and attention. It's easy to see when a company has product market fit—higher adoption, lower churn, etc. But, it can be hard to achieve.

You can create a product market fit engine with Upfocus. We combined proven survey methods with an agile workflow to prioritize action.

Measure it so you can optimize it

With the Upfocus Product Market Fit (PMF) Survey, you can finally measure your product market fit. We call it your Fit Score.

Improve your Fit Score

Upfocus automates survey analysis to surface actionable insights to improve your product market fit.

Boost your sales and marketing effectiveness

Discover your product's main benefits according to your happiest customers. Then, use their words in your sales and marketing materials.

Grow product market fit in 3 steps

1. Send Survey

We put everything we've learned from sending thousands of surveys into a ready-to-send format, so you don't have to start from scratch.

2. Analyze Results

Discover your fit score as your responses roll in. Then, distill the feedback into digestible themes that reveal the "why" behind your score.

3. Take Action

Upfocus gives you a workflow so you can shape, track, and communicate the next steps for your feedback.

Grow faster

Everything you need to grow your Fit Score

PMF Survey

We've perfected the survey design so you don't have to.

Fit Score

Validate your progress by tracking your Fit Score as you address feedback.


Quickly distill feedback into themes that are easier for everyone to understand.

Track Status

Stay organized and keep everyone in the loop as you address the feedback.

Dev Ideas

Turn themes you plan to solve into one page pitches called Dev Ideas.

Powerful Integrations

Get notified about completed surveys in Slack. Or, import new customers via Zapier.

“Now we know what customers love about us in their own words and have confirmed things we can improve. In my opinion, Upfocus is the best customer perception tool on the market.

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Prakash Chandra

Real talk on reaching a Series A

Most startups fail between their seed and series A.

And, most of them fail due to a lack of product market fit. That means that after raising a Seed round, a company’s most important process is deciding what to build next.

Most product processes are built on disconnected spreadsheets, surveys, post-it notes, emails, and Slack messages. If your product process is like most, then statistically speaking, you’re unlikely to make it to your series A.

Big tech companies create their own product processes and infrastructure using lots of highly paid people. You can level the playing field with product management automation from Upfocus. ->

Growing product market fit starts by scoring it

Discover what your customers really think

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What we've learned from sending thousands of surveys

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

It's better not to ask for their email in the survey
With Upfocus, each survey link is unique. You don't need to ask for their email address or other personally identifiable information as part of the survey. But, you will still know who gave you the feedback.
Our refined survey is dynamic
To start, we sent all questions to all people. But, part of the power of the Product Market Fit survey is that you filter which answers you listen to based on how satisfied customers say they are with your product. So, now we only ask the relevant follow up questions. That way we don't ask customers for feedback we already know we're going to ignore.
We learned a new question
If you've read or listened to the Superhuman interview about how they used PMF surveys to engineer their growth, then you heard them say they spend 50% of their engineering resources doubling down on their main benefit. The problem we ran into is that the survey only asked for what the main benefit is, but nothing about how to make it better. So, we added that question in.
We learned that word clouds don't really work
Another insight from that Superhuman interview was how they used word clouds to visualize their results. In practice, we found that they don't work for most companies. The issue is that it's really phrases that often express the common insights. And, most of the time customers don't use the same words. That's why we built a theme extraction workflow to distill the results.
We make sure they really wouldn't miss your software
Another part of the PMF process is to ignore the feedback from people who say they would not be disappointed to no longer use your software. The wisdom is that if there's nothing you can do to make them happy, then there's no sense in wasting your engineering time trying. However, we learned that sometimes they could be made happy. Now, we double check and ask them if there's anything we could do to improve. If they say yes, we ask them what that would be.
Include the first question of the survey in the email for higher response rates
We found that if we ask the first question of the survey in the email, we get higher completion rates. Our PMF survey supports email links that capture the answer to the first question.
The email message impacts response rates
We have tested multiple subject lines and body copy. We're happy to share our best template with you.

Discover your Fit Score Then, grow it