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Everyone feels heard. You never miss good ideas. It’s a win win.

Don't miss any golden opportunities

Gather product feedback in one place

Input is scattered all over the place. It also builds up in our backlogs. With Upfocus, you can pull in feedback from Slack, CRMs, help desk software, or wherever it lives.

Make sense of your feedback

Feedback can also be overwhelming if it's not distilled and organized. We give super busy PMs a lightweight framework to organize it into topics. No more wasting time making spreadsheets or hacking project management tools.

Keep customers and coworkers engaged

People stop giving feedback if they feel like it just goes into a black box. Upfocus helps you keep everyone in the loop with status updates on their feedback—including automatically notifying them in Slack.

Focus on what’s important in 3 steps

1. Capture Feedback

Capture feedback from customers and coworkers so you have everything in one place. A place that is designed for you to take action on the feedback.

2. Organize and Distill

Group feedback into topics so you can easily see it sorted by volume and customer need level.

3. Decide Next Steps

Decide your next step so you stay organized and everyone else stays in the loop.

Everything you need to capture feedback from wherever it starts

Then, vet it before you move it into your release project management system

Suggestion boards

Direct customer feedback

Share a link from your website or app. Send the link via email, text, or chat. Start collecting feedback in your customers' own words.

Create as many boards as you’d like

Create a board for all customers. Make one for your large customers. Give beta testers their own board. You get the idea.

No login required

Customers can share feedback without having to login, but you'll still know who it came from.

Slack integration

Capture ideas from discussions that are already happening.
Let coworkers enter suggestions without logging into Upfocus.
Keep everyone notified about important changes to feedback they provide.
Screenshot of Slack with menu open to save a suggestion to Upfocus

Within the Upfocus app

No matter where you are in the app, there's a button to capture a suggestion.
Screenshot of the quick add menu
Quick Add Menu

Anytime a suggestion comes up, you're just a click away from capturing it.

Zapier integration

Pull in feedback from help desk, CRM, or thousands of other apps
+ 1,000s more
Graphic of groups of message bubbles

“After years of using voting apps to prioritize feature requests we switched to Upfocus suggestion boards. Within weeks the quality of feedback we were receiving was invaluable. Not only did we have more context for the problems that needed to be solved, we also had the ability to reach out to customers as we developed new solutions.”

Photo of Katie
Katie Koteen
General Manager, WP Tasty

Never miss a good idea

Focus on what’s important. Ignore the fray. Help everyone see why.

Screenshot of an Upfocus suggestion board