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Why Upfocus?

5 reasons Upfocus will help you find and grow your product market fit

Most startups fail due to a lack of product market fit. Deciding what to build is a startup’s most important process. It’s not ok to wing it.

Reason 1

You’ll have all your feedback in a place meant for acting on it

You probably have product feedback in your CRM and help desk software. You might have some in Slack. Maybe you capture feedback notes in another app. Wherever you put it, chances are, it's just sitting there.

With Upfocus, you can pull all your feedback together from wherever it is. Then, you can quickly distill feedback into organized topics that are easier for everyone to understand. And, you get a workflow to take action on it (or not).

Reason 2

Making well-formed ideas about what to build next will be easier

There's a step in between discovering interesting problems to solve, and creating detailed product specs.

We get it. Not all product managers work at a company like Amazon that supports them writing a 6 page memo for new projects.

We built Dev Ideas for the rest of us. It's a scalable method for making one page business cases. Since they will be consistently structured, your team can evaluate ideas apples to apples.

Reason 3

You’ll like estimating value and effort. And, your team will have confidence in them.

For most product managers, estimating the potential value and effort of a project is the worst.

We can't escape making estimates because they are invaluable to planning. But, making estimates can be painful.

Upfocus takes the pain out of estimating by giving you a few, simple questions to answer. They are based on revenue impact and alignment to company goals. So you won't end up debating whether something is a "3" or a "4" in value.

Reason 4

You’ll always know you’re working on the right task by following a lightweight framework

Informal processes require mental overhead to stay productive. And, they can stunt growth by being difficult onboarding experience for new team members.

Upfocus reduces cognitive load by providing a workflow infused based on proven product methods. Team members can follow a lightweight framework for turning feedback into business opportunities.

Reason 5

You can quickly answer anyone’s question about where something is and why

When feedback is stored in multiple apps, it's not easy to find.

When customers or coworkers follow up on their feedback, it can turn into a painful search. It can feel like it's taking more effort than it should.

Keeping track of feedback from beginning to end is a key reason why we know you'll love using Upfocus.