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Don't just gather feedback

Quickly turn feedback into something you should work on

30 days, no credit card

Pull in feedback from various sources, gather it in one place, organize it into topics, rationalize against your objectives, and then push to your project management system

Be customer centric, keep up with feedback

It's always a good time to use Upfocus, but especially if you have one of these moments:

Launching on Product Hunt

Capture feedback and process it quickly so you can retain as many new users as possible.

Pitching Investors

Include a product market fit score in your pitch. And, show your opportunities to grow it.

Improve app market ratings

Learn what you need to improve before someone churns and tells you in a review.

What our customers say

Image of Prakash
Prakash Chandran
Co-founder, Xano

In my opinion, Upfocus is the best customer perception tool on the market.

Image of Bjork
Bjork Ostrom
Co-founder, TinyBit

For the longest time we were just kind of guessing when it came to product development. The process always seemed a bit foggy and mysterious. Using Upfocus has given us a clear picture and confidence.

Image of Katie
Katie Koteen
GM, WP Tasty

After years of using voting apps to prioritize feature requests we switched to Upfocus suggestion boards. Within weeks the quality of feedback we were receiving was invaluable.

Stop the guess work

Build the right software using proven methods built into Upfocus

Get started ->

Always on product market fit survey

Product market fit score cohort tracking

Javascript embedded survey

Single link option for easy email blast

Customers don't need Upfocus login

Screenshot of product market fit survey

Gathering feedback from wherever it is

Ingest feedback from customers and coworkers

Automatically pull it in with Slack and Zapier apps

Slack app screenshot

Quickly extract topics

Highlight and save snippets

Quickly apply topics

Browse and search by topic

Push topics to project management

Track status of topics


Evolve topics into business opportunities

Problem statement

Value/Effort estimate

Attached feedback

Solution description

Open items

Screenshot of business opportunity list

Push your best opportunities to project teams, and let everyone know

Push to Jira, GitHub, and Asana

Slack and email notifications

Shared workflow with status

Screenshot of buttons to push to Jira, GitHub, and Asana

Score your product market fit, then grow it

Creating a product market fit engine starts with measuring where you are today. We combined a proven survey method with an agile workflow to improve your fit ->

Measure it so you can optimize it

Improve your Fit Score

Boost your sales and marketing effectiveness