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“For the longest time we were just kind of guessing when it came to product development. The process always seemed a bit foggy and mysterious. Using Upfocus has given us a clear picture and confidence. Not only that, but Upfocus has also helped us rethink how we market our products, as we have a better understanding of what our customers love about our products and what features we should be shining a light on after they're released.”

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Scale up to the next level with the missing half of Agile 🚀

Growth is restricted when it requires tribal knowledge to follow your product process and navigate your product data.


Capture everyone’s feedback

Anyone can make a suggestion. Qualified team members can organize it. All of it stays in one place.


Group related feedback

Distill feedback into themes that are easier for everyone to understand. It’s fast to do using our tagging workflow.

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Theme Workflow

Don’t just collect—decide

Avoid building up a backlog by regularly deciding the next step for the feedback. Plus, everyone will appreciate knowing where their feedback is at.

Dev Ideas

Turn feedback into dev ideas

Follow a scalable method for making a one sheet version of the Amazon 6 page memo. Build a business case by attaching feedback in a few clicks. Produce them consistently so your team can evaluate apples to apples.

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Quick estimates that everyone understands

Use an approach that not only makes it easy to estimate value and level of effort, but it is also transparent and defensible. Look smart for explaining how a feature might impact revenue in terms like customer retention or the average revenue per user.

Dev Idea Workflow

Build your best ideas

Review your dev ideas with the team. Discuss if they need more work, are ready to build, or if they should be parked. Then, keep track to let everyone else in the company know.

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Dip your toe or jump in

Here are three ways you can start to up level your product process

Single Player Mode
Get started yourself by capturing feedback and turning it into dev ideas. Keep your team up to date by sharing your screen during meetings and sending out updates via email/Slack/etc.
Tiger team
Start with a small group of people using Upfocus. Get a feel for whether or not it makes sense for the rest of the company to use.
Company Wide
Unlock the full potential where everyone is contributing feedback and able to follow the status all the way to dev ideas.

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